• Kay Curved Sofa
  • Kay Curved Sofa

    Kay Curved Sofa

    Comfortable & functional with an endearing appearance, this version of the Kay sofa features a 30 degree centre section which gives a gentle curve and a unique look.

    W: 306cm x D:124cm (from middle back to deepest point of sides) H: 85cm. Seat depth of 59cm.

    • Product Information

      Kay sofas are made to order and delivery time is 6-8 weeks.


      Atropa: Chenille. 48% Acrylic, 41% Polyester, 11% Cotton

      Elyot: Chenille. 52% Acrylic, 41% Polyester, 7% Viscose

      Caleido Stampato: 63% Cotton, 37% Flax

      Malibu Velvet: 67% Polyester, 33% Cotton

      Lilac: Aquaclean, 73% Polyester, 19% Modacrylic, 8% Cotton

      Bellis: Aquaclean, 100% Polyester

      Article Number: KAYCURVATROPAGP2


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